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The Children’s Rights Knowledge Centre:

a crossroad of research, policy and practice.

Our mission and vision

The Children's Rights Knowledge Centre (KeKi in short) strives to strengthen and acknowledge the position of children in society.

Children live and grow up in a society that acknowledges them as fellow citizens and recognizes the unique character of every child. They are an integral part of society - and are thus capable of and allowed to take part in shaping society.

Central to this approach is the respect and guarantee of their rights.

What we do

The Children’s Rights Knowledge Centre…

  • inspires research, policy and practice to integrate a children’s rights’ reflex in all their decision-making processes and actions.

  • offers field practitioners concrete, workable frameworks and instruments to realize the integration of children’s rights in their daily practice.

  • works together with researchers to disseminate knowledge and insights on children’s rights and their application.

  • inspires policymakers to give due weight to children’s rights in policymaking processes.

KeKi is the bridge between research, policy and practice.
Dialogue and connection are part of our DNA.

Our working principles

  • Scientific
    We base our work on scientific research and adopt a systematic, reasoned and analytical approach in all our endeavors. 

  • Interdisciplinary
    We approach children’s rights from different disciplines and perspectives, beyond juridical or social sciences.

  • Critical-constructive posture
    We are both unafraid to question existing structures as well as act as a constructive partner who is engaged to find innovative answers and solutions. 

  • Reflective dialogue
    We maintain a reflective posture and engage in continuous dialogue with a diversity of players and partners in the process of gathering, sharing, and creating knowledge.

  • The environment of children and young people
    We actively invest time and energy in understanding the environment of children.  They are a source group of KeKi: a source of knowledge, expertise and experiences of their own environment and lives.

Stay updated

We send out an English newsletter trice a year. It gives an insight in the workings of KeKi and includes interesting reading materials on children’s rights. You’ll also be the first to hear when our websites’ English section launches!


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