Getuigenis van Jakub uit Polen

"The internship at KeKi was a great opportunity for me. My three-month stay was well organised (all necessary documents were always on time, I knew my tasks before joining them, evaluation and other reports were obtained without any problem). I could always count on my co-workers. As to the work itself, I was first puzzled with different working methods than in my home country, Poland, but thanks to my colleagues I quickly adapted. Tasks that were given to me were tailored to my knowledge and skills and I was given a lot of freedom in completing them. I could always count on the help of other KeKi members if I was stuck with some project. When there was opportunity, I was attending different conferences and working group meetings as a delegation, so my stay had something more than research character. It was very intensive three months and it did not end there - I'm still pursuing some projects I started back then and I'm in touch with people I met during my stay. I definitely recommend KeKi as a place for internship ... and they have great cakes!"

Jakub Dysarz, Gdansk, stagiair bij KeKi van februari tot mei 2014.